Otto Placht

The Foreigner Who Brings
Old Traditions back to Life

AMAZEON is an educational and artistic project.

Its misiion is to connect people with the essence and spirit of the tropical jungle 

It is an utopia vision of a raft, that revokes the sacred in the temple( maloca-roundhouse) or the survival in the same time in community house "shobo"  of the  indgigeous people "tambo" 

It also resembles the archetypes of the rescue boat- Arch, that recollects, what remains from this precious  biosphere.

For this purpose It creates an unique multifunccional space where: 

Contemporary art meets the indigenous artistic tradition

Modern science meets the ancestral knowlagde of the Amazonian rainforest

New age therapy meets the shamanic healing ceremonies 

Its design is derived from the traditional construccion combined with the new technologies to reach equilibrium of waterarchitecture wiith the specifics of the environemnt..¨

It is situated on the lake to prevent from the insects and to make feel isolated and safe and in direct contact, in the same time.

it is assembled from separable floaters that carry wooden original buildings, that can serve as a badrooms, studios, common living space and roudhouse-malocas for ceremonies and bigger sessions.

The organic character of the Amazeon architecture is its own obejctive and can be viewed as the main source of creative inspiration.